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Vector Scissor | product design

These scissors, besides having the properties of the ordinary scissors can cut perfect straight lines.
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The upper handle forms a right angle which can fit to the edge of the tabletop and therefore it stabilizes the blades in a straight line. It is possible to make very long straight cuts wihout premarking the line or using other tools such as a ruler and a pencil.

The thickness of the handles makes it possible to use the scissors even with the tip of the fingers, which is essential when the tabletop is very thick. It is also shaped to direct cut the material away from the user’s fingers, preventing paper cuts.

The Vector scissors were designed within the frames of a university project in a semester. It was completed following a three-month research and a three month development period. The present concept came after several previous versions. 

Its design makes it easy to use it in the traditional way, however it also has an extra function which is: cutting easily materials of any size which can be cut by normal scissors, by utilizing the properties of the table.

The corner of a normal table provides a right angle to which the paper can be adjusted, making sure that the cut will be straight and having a right angle.

It has a wide range of usage, since it is similar to traditional scissors, however, it can also be used in every field where we need to make long straight cuts. for example: cutting wrapping papers, posters, materials of big dimension, textiles, tracing paper, tailoring, etc.

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"Genius! Scissors have evolved slowly over the years ... Designer Tamás Fekete has sliced through millennia of shear repetition and designed a new pair of scissors…"

"One of great feature from this design is that the shape of the handle diverts any excess material out of your way while cutting, it definitely eases the forward movement."

Hungarian articles:

„Ugyan nem hangzik nagy dolognak, de próbáljon meg olyan ollót keríteni, amivel egyenesen lehet vágni. Nem fog sikerülni. Erre a problémára kínál megoldást a MOME hallgató találmánya…”

„Fekete Tamás találmányától hangos a sajtó. Az egyenesen vágó olló nemzetközi karriert is befuthat.”

„A tökéletesen egyenesen vágó olló nagy jövő előtt áll.”

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Natural form study

Realistic model of a natural object. Made from clay for school project.Approximately a 5:1 scale model of a gourd (it can be seen on the first picture)